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Newer than you.

There is my application. go fucking look biatchh.

[[HELLO my name is!...]]
any goofy nicknames?: Rooney and wahine..
age: 14
location: Encinitas, California
sex: Girl( or do you want me to put something original like yes please?)
sexual orientation: Straight
single or taken?: taken
what's your phone number?:Hell no bitch! What do you think I am, a hoe or something!?!?

[[what is your favorite...]]
Clorkwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Or Dogma.
bands: Dashboard Confessional, Tbs, The Get-up kids(and for the record i liked them before emo was the cool thing to do.)
book: Okay well i know its a movie too But Fear and Loathing in Las vegas(better as a book)
concert you've been to: Ah NFG(a LONG time ago and it was free), Warped tour(manytimes), Foo fighters,Dashboard confesional,MXPX, The used, The darkness, The Violent Femmes, and Jimmy eat world.
tv show: Family Guy( it owns.)
food: Anything italian. or chinese. yum. and cheese..yes.
color: Pink or green
person: Ah ryan...(my boyfriend)
why??: because hes the only one who keeps me sane, and hes the coolest man whore i know.

[[how do you feel about... ]]
gay marriage:
im totally for it. I think there is no reason it should be illegal. I personally think Bush is a homophobe. But my friend John is gay and hes 18 now but his boyfriend and him are really serious and totally in love, and when there are people getting married just for green cards and such not being in love i think its VERY VERY unfair that they cannot. THEy are people too, it shouldnt matter what sex they are.
XXX: aw are you giving me kisses already?! haha im so lame.
cheese: CHEESE! ahhh cheese owns. i really do love cheese. It makes the world go round. You can put it on anything and make it taste good. fuck...i really wants some cheese now. Actually thast how i found this community. i was searching "cheese" as an interest...hahah.

[[random shiat bizzatch...]]
one thing you want to do before you die:
I would really like to do something with my life. Whatever it may be. But other than that...i would like to go to the Amazon rain forest and Indonesia. And i would love to see one of those 100 ft waves...
tell us something: your damn cheese question made me want a sandwhich.
where did you hear about us: As once said before, i was seariching for cheese and you popped up and i clicked on it. and here i am. Well actually i wasnt going to apply because im only 14 but then one of the lovely mods changed the rules =o)
why are you fucking rawk?: pfft. must you even ask? okay if you must...because i can play the ukelele. yeah i know im fucking lame. 
who or what do YOU think is fucking rawk?: The fucking MODS! duh...they made a whole community about how much they fucking rawk.
promote in 2 places and tell us where, *this is checked*: http://www.livejournal.com/community/__rockout/280771.html?mode=reply

are you going to be fucking rawk and fucking promote, vote, and solumnly swear to use the word "fuck" in various contexts frequently?: I fucking swear to say fuck more than you can fucking imagine, promote this biatch, and vote because im such a livejournal whore. Fuck yeahh.

post at least 4 CLEAR pictures... riiiiight.... HERE

be scared.





<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v285/getaddicted/cute001.jpg">

psh yeah thats me. im so ugly its hott. now fucking vote.

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