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Fucking Rawk am I?

[[HELLO my name is!...]]
name: Rachel
any goofy nicknames?: Grimmi (because of my surname)
location: England
sex: Female
sexual orientation:Straight
single or taken?: Single
what's your phone number?: Hell no bitch! What do you think I am, a hoe or something!?!?

[[what is your favorite...]]
movie: I know its cliché or whatever but the nightmare before christmas <3
bands: never heard of it, the distillers, the used, something corporate, no doubt (old stuff), green day, blink 182, a.f.i, fall out boy ( just thought i'd add i have staytonight18 fall out boy hoodie which she's wearing in the pic for the userinfo!), HIM, bowling for soup, avenged sevenfold, new found glory, hawthorne heights, sugarcult, tbs, brand new etc.
book: junk-melvin burgess
concert you've been to: never heard of it-tunbridge wells in october this year. It was amazing because it was such a small venue and they did an awesome set.
tv show: at the moment ‘little britain’. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it because its obviously british, but its an awesome comedy taking the piss out of the english in a light hearted way.
food: pasta carbonara
color: black,pink,purple,blue, red (can never pick a favorite out of them)
person: my friend Mel
why??: whenever I’m down she always cheers me up, and she always stands by me and we always have a laugh together.

[[how do you feel about... ]]
gay marriage: I don’t have a problem with it and if you love that person then it shouldn’t even come into it if you’re a gay couple or whatever. I hate discrimination.
XXX: hate the pop ups for it.
cheese: owns you!

[[random shiat bizzatch...]]
one thing you want to do before you die: To meet Brody Dalle (my life long ambition), or to move to America.
tell us something: never heard of it wrote me a christmas card!
where did you hear about us:I was just searching through intrests for various things and thought this looked like a cool community
why are you fucking rawk?:cause I am…bite me!
who or what do YOU think is fucking rawk?: ducks fucking rawk dude! and tartan skirts
promote in 2 places and tell us where, *this is checked*: the_icon_house & nhoi__fans
are you going to be fucking rawk and fucking promote, vote, and solumnly swear to use the word "fuck" in various contexts frequently?: fuck yes!

post at least 4 CLEAR pictures... riiiiight.... HERE

i'm on the left

i'm on the left

i'm on the left again...

random picture my brother photoshopped to make me look purple.

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