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We're fucking rawk...

and you're nawt.

>>>FuCKinG RAWK<<<
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!!!The first 12 people to apply will be auto-accepted!!!

Hey everyone, this is one of those stupid rating communites. And this one... will determine whether you are FUCKING RAWK or not. What is fucking rawk?? Well... if you are fucking rawk.. that means you are a badass mother fucker, a hot fucker, and a smartass mother fucker. And you are beautiful in everyway possible <3333

If you're applying, these are YOUR rules:
You must be at least 14 years old to join.
LJ cut. EVERYTHING LJ CUT. Enough said. If it's not behind a LJ cut, it's not being read. (If you don't know how, there's directions in the FAQ at the top of LJ)
Please post a minimum of 3 pictures (no max. but don't go crazy and post 100 or something like that.) of yourself in your application. One must be a clear face shot.
Until we reach 20 members, majority will rule after 24 hours of voting time. After 20 members, you will need 10 yes' to be stamped as FUCKING RAWK.
OMG DoN'T TyPE LykE DIS!!! *giggle giggle*... that is SO annoying.
Don't be a sore loser and delete your posts.
If you are rejected, you can apply again in a week... but with different pictures, and you maaay want to change your application a little. If you don't, we'll probably reject you again.
Don't start shit... you're not even fucking rawk yet!
When asked what your phone number is, answer "Hell no bitch! What do you think I am, a hoe or something!?!?"
No nakedness in your pictures please, unless you're as hot as Tila Tequila or something like that.

If you are fucking rawk, these are your fucking rules:
Vote, vote, vote.
Be sure to stay active, if you know you'll be computer ridden for a while, tell us. It would be greatly appreciated. :)
Be a fucking smartass every now and then! We love it! You also have the right to say whatever the hell is on your mind. LJ drama is always fun. :)
Try to put "stamped" somewhere in your subject title when posting.
When promoting other communities in here, you muust promost us to them. This will be checked.
If someone's application is not behind a LJ cut, DO NOT vote. They will get votes when they learn how to read (FAQ at the top of the page).
Go ahead and be cocky. You wouldn't be part of this community if you weren't just a little bit.
This isn't really a rule, just FYI... if you post "undecided" as a vote and the applicant hasn't replied in a day, it will be automatically counted as a no.

Ways to get banned:
Deleting your application after getting rejected... come on, be a trooper. This is a rating community.
Not voting. At all. We here at fucking rawk understand vacations.
Being a non-member and being a biatch (in the bad way) to members or mods.

\\\your loely mods///

know more...

know more...

know more...

THE APPLICATION... dun dun duuuun...

[[HELLO my name is!...]]
any goofy nicknames?:
sexual orientation:
single or taken?:
what's your phone number?:

[[what is your favorite...]]
concert you've been to:
tv show:

[[how do you feel about... ]]
gay marriage:

[[random shiat bizzatch...]]
one thing you want to do before you die:
tell us something:
where did you hear about us:
why are you fucking rawk?:
who or what do YOU think is fucking rawk?:
promote in 2 places and tell us where, *this is checked*:
are you going to be fucking rawk and fucking promote, vote, and solumnly swear to use the word "fuck" in various contexts frequently?:

post at least 4 CLEAR pictures... riiiiight.... HERE

Promo pictures:

<++a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/xfuckingxrawkx">
<++img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/leftbreathless12/Website%20Use/f-rawk.jpg"> </a>
take out the "++"